Friday, April 3, 2009

Emma's 2nd surgery

Yes, as I feared, Emma's small bite that didn't need stitches has an abscess. The vet said it was most likely there from the beginning, but it was very small when we took her in 8 hours after she got bitten. So small that is wasn't noticeable at all. Then she was on antibiotics for the stitches until just the other day, and they said once the antibiotics were done, the infection that had been there the whole time started growing. The antibiotics were keeping it small, but they didn't get rid of it. So, now they have to drain it and sew a drain in for 5 days to make sure and get it all out. Poor little Emma. We just got the stitches all healed up, and now she's getting a drain put in. I am just praying that it all goes smoothly, it doesn't cost to much, and that she won't want to scratch at the drain while it's in, like she did the stitches. I would hate for her to end up catching on it and ripping at it, or ripping it out, or causing it to get infected....etc. I just want her to be healed!

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