Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor Emma!

Vacation started for me on Friday the 20th. I had a spa pedicure at noon. I slept in, and got to the spa right on time. I haven't had a pedicure since my last birthday, so I was well over-due! After my pedicure I went to help mom pick out a few outfits for our trip, and I used some of her self tanning lotion so my legs weren't so scary white. :) Trav got off work at 3 so I headed home to meet up with him. Ladd was due to arrive between 3 - 4.
Ladd and Zues (his doggy) arrived at about 4:30. It was really good to see them. We introduced Zues and Emma. They really seemed to like each other and played and played in the back yard.
Then we loaded up the crew and headed to Air's for taco's for dinner! Yummy!
The taco's were delicious!!! Mya, Bell, Emma, and Zues had a blast playing together. There were so many dogs in the living room! It was a little scary. :) We watched scary movies and drank wine. We had a lot of fun. Air had a big bag of treats and at about midnight she got them out to pass out to the dogs. We gave them all some treats, and then Ladd showed us some tricks Zues could do. In the process, one of the treats fell on the floor and both Zues and Emma went for it. Zues is very protective of his treats and was not happy that Emma tried to get it from him. He latched on to her neck and started whipping her around the room. Emma was crying and crying and I was totally helpless. Zues had locked down. The whole thing probably only lasted 30 seconds, but to me it felt like an hour until Ladd was able to get Zues to let go. We ushered Emma into another room to hold her and make sure she was ok. She was so scared. Just shaking. My heart was broken. I was just so happy there was minimal damage. She had one very minor bite mark, and one that was pretty deep. She slept in the room with us that night and we cuddled her lots.
In the morning, her spirits were much higher. She was even playing with Zues, Mya, and Bell again. But we decided we needed to take her in to get the deep bite looked at. She left the vet with stitches and antibiotics. Here she is in her shirt we put on her to cover the stitches because she kept scratching at them. Ladd stepped up to the plate and paid the whole bill. He felt terrible. He's going to get Zues some training to hopefully make him not attack other dogs over food/toys/treats. Zues is the sweetest dog. He is a lover and loves to play. He just gets to protective of his food.
Sunday morning we got up at 3am to get ready and have breakfast at Denny's. We wanted to be able to sleep that night by 6pm since we had to get up at 1am to leave. So we got up extra early so we'd be tired! We cleaned the house and finished packing before heading over to Air's at 9am to help her organize her garage and hang out. We were leaving Emma with her that afternoon as well.
We kissed Emma goodbye and headed to my parents for dinner before going to bed at 6pm that night to get ready to leave for our trip at 1am!

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